OUR CHRISTMAS 2009 ( So far )

Hannah (on the left) ended primary school a week before Christmas.  Here she leads the final assembly in the National Anthem.  She went on to lead all the carols, to play her guitar in the band, to do a scarf dance and to sing in the choir.  There was not an item on the stage that she was not a part of.  The picture is somewhat grainy as her proud Granny was not able to get close enough and had to use zoom without flash.

We had our usual family evening on Christmas Eve.  This year we had the addition of Ian and Elise Hutchinson with their two children from George, who are now living in Auckland.  Ian and Tracey were very good friends at York.  Here we all are:

Back row:  Carron, Darren, Tracey, Ian holding son Liam, Michael

Sitting:  Joan, Hannah holding Ruby, Kathy holding Foxie, Benn holding Jack and Elise holding daughter Jolie

After dinner, as the sun went down, Carron took this picture of a fern frond opening.  The uncurling of the fronds is called the Koru and in Maori legend the Koru depicts a new beginning and growth.  We felt it very appropriate for the occasion.

Benn, Liam, Jolie and Hannah very much into the Christmas spirit

On Christmas morning, after Carron's run, she taught Jolie how to pick strawberries without pulling out the entire plant.  We picked 5kg for Christmas Eve and another 1kg for Christmas day. (After Jolie had eaten her fill!)

On Christmas day we had our usual gourmet dinner at Tracey's house.  We had Canadian lobster for starters.  Michelle joined us and she and Tracey ate every bit available, long after we had had our fill.  We felt very guilty about the carbon footprint of this course but enjoyed it anyway!

Christmas day was sweltering and Darren filled the rubber pool for the kids.  It was not long before the adults joined in.  Not all the adults though, some were concerned about the mix of various DNA floating around!

Elise, Michelle and Tracey guard against their champagne being diluted with pool DNA

Boxing Day was spent at Lake Rotoiti.  We dusted off Benn's boat to help ferry everyone over to the hot pools as the big boat only takes 6 according to the law.  Benn's boat had to be pumped regularly but we found the leak!

Hannah and Jolie look for fairies on a walk in the Otanewainuku forest



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